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Training Overview 

Dr. Dougherty

Dr.  Emer Dougherty
Director of Training

Dr. Dougherty, Maraco's founder, has enjoyed  an  extensive  and distinguished background as an educator.  He is  Emeritus Professor at University of Southern California, teaching Petroleum an Chemical Engineering there for 24 years. Prior to USC, he taught Petroleum Engineering at Stanford and Cal Berkeley,  Engineering Mathematics at UCLA (Unversity of California Los Angeles) and Statistics and Operations Research at Cal Berkley and Denver University.
While at USC, he directed a 4-year project for OPEC, Vienna that developed a computerized world energy demand/price model and conducted a series of studies of energy supply and economics for a select group of professionals from OPEC countries. 



 GasPal Training

Gas Pal Operation Tool


GasPal is a state-of-the-art integrated nodal analysis gas reservoir simulator. GasPal calculates pressure and flow rates for gas, oil and water all the way from the formation through the tubing and surface networks up to the delivery points. GasPal’s rapidly converging fully-implicit techniques allows the practical solution of large scale multi-reservoir models with very complex surface networks. A model with over 700 NAG producers and 2000 flow segments simulates 300 monthly time steps in less than 30 minutes.

GasPal Training is a hands-on five day course that covers all features and most common applications of GasPal. The typical setting is a computer room where participants can interact with the provided full-featured demo version of GasPal as concepts are being introduced and demonstrated. Participants get to build their own models and test different scenarios as the course progresses.




GOMAN Optimized Oil Production Plan

 Economically optimizes development of oil and gas complexes – reservoirs producing through parallel gathering and processing facilities to one or more offtake points. Water & solution gas (AG) are separated from oil, which is then stabilized and graded for sale. Non-associated (NAG) gas passes through a separator. AG, NAG and stabilizer & separator bottoms flow into gas plants, which output acid gas (→ sulfur plant), sales gas & natural gas liquids (NGL). The latter is split into components in an NGL plant. Produced water is injected along with makeup water into water flooded reservoirs.   Aramco, Kuwait Oil, Santos






 Engineer gas storage development & operation, find economic optimal set of cushion gas, wells & HP. SoCalGas


Loy Combs Young - Maraco Training Services

Contact me - Loy Combs Young,  Maraco Communications Coordinator. I will answer any questions you might have and arrange for training services.









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